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Various base materials are used to formulate a dry chemical powder with single or multiple bases. Potassium Bicarbonate is one of the important base and is in use since very long time.
It is still very popular as it is highly reliable, cost effective & user friendly extinguishing medium. Potassium Bicarbonate is more reactive than Sodium Bicarbonate and further it dissociates at a temperature lower than that of Sodium Bicarbonate. Extinguishment test of burning liquids and gases perform with PBC have demonstrated that it is atleast twice as effective as regular powder based on Sodium Bicarbonate.
Flame propagation is due to the chain reaction of the free radicals. ARJUN ASSOCIATES BC decomposes and interferes with this chain propagation by reacting and absorbing the free radicals. Foam is generally then applied to secure the area.
Potassium Bicarbonate base material is mixed with other ingredients to improve the flow & expelling properties. Powder is siliconised to impart excellent water repellency.
ARJUN ASSOCIATES BC is recommended for large B & C class fires involving inflammable liquids where fast extinguishment is called for in order to save lives and properties.



ARJUN ASSOCIATES BC powder can be applied through manually operated fire extinguisher as well as mobile extinguishers and fixed installations. Dry propelling agents such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide can be used.

ARJUN ASSOCIATES BC is very widely used by various industries like Defence, refineries, ports, tank farms, pipelines, petrochemical complexes etc.

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