ABC Type Dry Powder
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Dry chemical powders are important fire fighting agents. The main advantage is practically immediate success of extinguishing a fire. Furthermore one can use dry powders for extinguishing large scale fires, spillage fires and three dimensional fires.
Mono ammonium phosphate is one of the important base in use since very long time. It is very popular as it is user-friendly extinguishing medium for Class A, B & C fires.
Flame propagation is due to the chain reaction of the free radicals. ARJUN ASSOCIATES  LITE ABC interferes with this chain propagation by reacting and absorbing the free radicals. Water vapour, which is released due to decomposition in the flame zone, brings about cooling. Besides this a glossy layer of H2P2O6 is formed on the burning surface, which cuts of air and extinguishes the fire. Foam is then generally applied to secure the area.
Mono ammonium phosphate base material is mixed with other ingredients to improve flow characteristics and expelling properties.
Powder is siliconised to impart excellent resistance to climatic changes.


ARJUN ASSOCIATES LITE ABC powder is suitable for use in all types of portable fire extinguishers, mobile extinguishers and fixed installations. Dry propelling agents such as N2 or CO2 can be used.

ARJUN ASSOCIATES LITE ABC is suitable for A Class, B Class and C Class fire risk:

Class A fires involving wood, paper, tyres, coal, film, textile etc.
Class B fires involving petrol, diesel, kerosene, oil, alcohols etc.
Class C fires involving gases as Methane, Propane, Acetylene etc.

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